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Dog Health Care Information

This part of the site is my personal favourite, it's full of useful dog health care information and answers popular questions like Choosing a dog, and addresses some mild and serious dog problems too. Check back here often as new health care articles and dog information is added on a regular basis! :-)

Please note: The information contained on this site is in no way intended to replace that of proper veterinary advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Interviews with Dog Training Experts- *Exclusive* dog training advice Choosing a Dog Picking The Right Dog For The Family

Your Puppy: the early years
How to Choose Dog Names

7 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Animal Shelters
10 Things to consider before getting a dog
Puppy Chewing - what to do!
Crate Training Your Dog
Should you purchase a German Shepherd
The puppy and the young dog- about growing up
Young Puppy Mouthing or biting
Are you ready for a dog?
Choosing a Dog
What to Ask A dog Breeder
Pets as Presents
Dog Names - What to name your Dog?
Choosing a puppy
Choosing a Rescue Dog
Types of Dogs

Dog Health Care Questions:

Things to never feed your dog
How dogs see
Why does my dog eat faeces?
How do I introduce my dog to my new baby?
Why does my dog jump on the counter?
What is canine diabetes
Why is my dog peeing submissively?
Dog Mental Health Info
What is canine arthritis?
Dog Allergies
Dog Medecine
Nutrition and Your Puppy
How intelligent is a dog?

Dog Behaviour/Dog Training

Why do dogs wag their tails?
What is your dog trying to tell you?
Dog Crate: Introducing your dog to a crate
Dominance confusion in dogs: Social Isolation
Calming Signals: dog communication
Dog Training (In the Kitchen)
Nothing in Life is Free
Pack Drive in Dogs
Dog  Handling in a clinical situation
Housetraining Tips
Crate Training
Dog Jumping
Pros and cons of Electronic Fencing and Invisible Fencing
Teaching your dog give
Teaching a dog to say please
Training an old dog new tricks
House Training
Police Dogs

Dog problems

Dog Guarding Food
Stop your Dog Digging!
Ideas on how to stop your Dog Barking
Why Dogs Fight
Dealing With Aggressive Dogs
Obesity in Dogs
Routine Vaccination protection available for dogs
Dog Skin Problems
Anaesthesia in Dogs
Hereditary eye disease
What to expect when your dog breaks a tooth
Games to play with your dog
The Neurotic dogs
Manage your dogs environment to manage the behavior
The Name Game - How to get your dogs attention
Seperation Anxiety
What to do if the dog is running out the door before you!
Stop your Dog Jumping on you
Severe spinal cord injury in dogs
Different types of aggression in dogs
Separation Anxiety
Pet Precautions
Winter & The Winter Holidays and Your Dog
Common indoor plants poisonous to dogs
Holiday safety for pets
Spaying and Neutering your Dog
Knowing when to call a vet
What to do if you lose your dog

Misc Dog help/information:

Planning for Puppies?
Should You Breed Dogs
I Could never work here! -dog rescue workers
The last battle
The life and death of an untrained dog
A Letter from your dog
Canine Stress Signs
Excercise Your Dog
What really goes on at dog shows
To Breed or not to breed
Five mistakes dog owners make
Enriching Your Dogs Lives
Dog Agility
Dog Fighting History
The history of Dogs
My World Of Dogs
Critical periods in puppys psychological growth
Guide Dogs
Dog Shows
Rare Dog Breeds
Guard Dogs

Dog Nutrition:

Dog Coat Health
Dog Treat Recipes!