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Exercise Your Dog!

Is your dog driving you crazy? Is he "hyper" and getting into trouble? Maybe you even keep him outside because he is "too wild"? Well, chances are that part of the problem is lack of sufficient exercise. Boredom and lack of physical activity are common reasons behavior problems develop. A tired dog is a good dog!

Every dog is different. Before beginning an exercise program be sure your dog is in good health-- get your veterinarian's approval before drastically changing the dog's routine.

Factors to consider are: breed, age, weight, physical characteristics (such as short "pushed-in" muzzles), and weather conditions.

Daily walks might be enough for some dogs; others need more intense workouts. Your dog should get aerobic exercise at least three times a week-- this means enough exercise to make him pant. Just because your dog is outside in the yard does not mean he is getting enough exercise.

Methods of exercise