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Types of dogs

There are around 7 types of dogs recognized by associations worldwide, however there is a lot of variety between these groups and there is no world wide official classification system.

1st Type of Dogs

The first of the seven types of dogs are the Primitive and Spitz breeds, these include Samoyeds and Australian Dingo’s. These are mainly wild or relatively untamed dogs.

2nd Type of Dogs

The second of the types of dogs are Companion and Toy dogs, these are normally small dogs, often bred by royalty, and are normally kept for companionship and protection.

3rd type of dogs

The third type of dog are the Hunting dogs, this category can be split into general, gun, scent or wind dogs, all provide a different role with in hunting, either retrieving, finding prey or chasing.

The fourth of the seven types of dogs are the Livestock herding dogs, these are dogs from medieval Europe, bred and trained to round up cattle or grazing animals and to move them about the countryside from a shepherds command, these dogs are intelligent and fast.

The fifth type of dog is related to the fourth, these are the Livestock Guarding breeds. Their job is simply to guard their herds, and popular breeds include Mastiffs and some traditional sheepdogs, both with a historic background and a well deserved reputation.

The sixth type is the Mastiff’s and Working Bull breeds, contain both Mastiffs and Bulldogs, as well as many others, they are mainly working dogs, and were used for several purposes including protection.

The last type of dog are fighting dogs, similar to cocks these dogs have been bred to fight in pits to the death, often bets are placed on the winner.

These games have been made illegal in almost all parts of the world, but the breeds continue, and are surprisingly popular as pets, making excellent ratters and guard dogs. See all the dog breeds in our directory of breed of dogs