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Routine Vaccination Protection Available For Dogs



This disease causes severe diarrhoea and vomiting. Also often with pus-like discharges from the eyes and nose One of the agents in kennel cough May develop a severe cough and/or pneumonia Brain damage with fits or paralysis commonly follows.

Often fatal!


A relative newcomer to the world At present the most common infectious killer of dogs. Diarrhoea and vomiting occur, often very severe and continuous The dog rapidly becomes extremely depressed. Death is common. PUPPY VACCINATION at 12 weeks routinely uses a vaccine which produces an excellent ‘take’ at this age


Adenovirus II causes either kennel cough or a severe liver infection Liver form often with diarrhoea and vomiting, a very painful belly and often death. This form is called CANINE VIRAL HEPATITIS. Adenovirus I is a less disastrous virus type that may contribute to kennel cough The vaccine protects well against both Adenovirus I and Adenovirus II


Two types included in the vaccine Both may cause kidney failure and a rupture of most of the red blood cells of the body. If the dog recovers, the urine may be infectious for months THE DISEASE MAY BE TRANSMITTED TO HUMANS, perhaps with fatal consequences.


The main viral causes of kennel cough, along with Distemper and the Adenoviruses . May be anything from a mild to a deep hacking cough persisting for weeks Occasionally pneumonia develops. This is the vaccine which most of the better kennels are now insisting on as ‘kennel cough’ vaccine. However a few other stray viruses may cause kennel cough In particular, the bacteria bordetella may act on with the above viruses to give kennel cough.


A distressingly common disease, especially in the autumn Usually caused by at least 3 organisms acting together Main organisms are distemper , adenovirus , parainfluenza and bordetella May be only a mild cough lasting a few days May be a severe deep hacking cough lasting for weeks Owners often have little sleep due to the noise for several days May develop pneumonia if left untreated

Normal recommendation is that all dogs are vaccinated against all the above by a pair of injections. These visits should start soon as possible after 9 weeks old, with a second injection 3 weeks later. Adults who have missed the boat can still begin at a later date though.


The other main villain the ‘kennel cough’(infectious bronchitis) complex Usually most trouble in combination with distemper , adenovirus or parainfluenza. Thus much less of a problem if your dog has had its routine vaccinations.

This vaccine has to be given about 2 weeks or more after normal vaccination and may sometimes cause a mild cough. Not normally required by kennels, but check first. Your normal kennel may require it one year if there is a higher than normal risk.

Advisable if the dog is visiting kennels/dog show/training classes in late summer, or after a hot dry spell, when the disease is especially prevelent.