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Management of Dog Behavior

Management is another word for controlling the environment. It involves making changes in your dogís immediate living conditions and situations. Management will help you to PREVENT some problems from happening, especially with a puppy or young dog. You also decrease the likelihood of a recurring behavior problem developing. If your puppy never gets the opportunity to steal food from the counter, he will be much less likely to "counter surf" later.

Rather than punishing or blaming your dog for acting like a dog, you start thinking about ways to manage the problem behavior by changing the environment.

Examples of management:
Crates, tethers, baby gates to confine the dog to a safe area
Drag line with supervision indoors (house leash)
Long drag line outside with supervision (not tied)
Head halter
Keeping counters clear of food
Picking up shoes and clothes
Closing doors to keep dog out of certain rooms
Placing overturned chairs on sofa to keep dog off
Supplying appropriate chew toys
Putting waste baskets up or behind doors
Appropriate physical exercise
Solid fences
Bringing the dog inside
Some examples of using management: