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Bullmastiff Dogs

As long ago as 1785 there was written reference to large dogs of the Bullmastiff kind.  These dogs had various names including the Keepers Night dog/Mastiff with a dash of Bulldog/Large Bulldog.

  These dogs were mostly working dogs and there was evidence to say that not only were the Mastiff & Bulldog used but also the Great Dane, St Bernard, the Bloodhounds and the Dogue de Bordeaux. The Bullmastiff came into being only because people wanted a dog that could guard like the Mastiff with the courage of the Bulldog but which had more speed and agility than the Mastiff.

Bullmastiffs are very protective of their family and other household pets. They have to be socialised from an early age. The Bullmastiff will only accept strangers if they are introduced to them by someone they trust. Intruders will be quickly halted in their tracks. It is not really a breed for the novice owner, due to its strength, stubborn and over protective nature.

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