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List of Dog Pictures by Breed

All current pictures of dog breeds are listed below, click on the link or the pictures and you'll see a short breed description to go there.

dog pictures by breed

The Australian Shepherd is a well-balanced dog of medium size and bone. He is attentive and animated, showing strength and stamina combined with unusual agility.

The Beagle is a gentle, sweet, lively and curious dog that just loves everyone! Sociable, brave and intelligent. Calm and loving.

Boxer dogs are very lively, strong ... Temperament wise they are fearless and very self-assured.

Apparently, the temperament of the Bulldog is unmatchable. This is a family dog that loves children and will even learn to get along with other pets if introduced to them at an early age.

As long ago as 1785 there was written reference to large dogs of the Bullmastiff kind.  These dogs had various names including the Keepers Night dog/Mastiff with a dash of Bulldog/Large Bulldog.

The Cane Corso makes a very loving pet, it is loyal to it's family and aloof with strangers. They have a very protective nature and have the ability to discern friend from foe.

Personality wise, the Chihuahua tends to bond closely with one or two people. With its master, the Chihuahua will be ...

The Dachshund is an intelligent dog but it has a mind of its own. Therefore, it is not that easily trained. It is recommended that..

The Dogue de Bordeaux is a dog that bonds closely with its family. They are not suited to homes where they will be left alone for long periods of time, as they associate this separation as a punishment.

As a pet, the German Shepherd Dog will demand a lot of your time. It is a highly intelligent breed and as such, needs a great deal of mental stimulation.

The Golden Retriever is a gentle dog with intelligence and a level disposition and because of this is an ideal dog to have as part of the family.

Neos are generally very good with children and other household pets provided they have been socialised with them early on in life. They can become dominant with other dogs so early socialisation is important.

Generally the Newfoundland has a superb temperament and will get on well with both people and other animals.

The Pekingese is a very regal, dignified, self-confident dog that can be lively and mischievous. They make good pets for all the family

Getting along with the kids, the cat and the guinea pig is no problem for the poodle. Lively and affectionate, they make wonderful companion dogs.

Pugs are people-oriented dogs, right down to the fact that they go through stages of maturity. Pug Puppies are especially playful and always underfoot for want of company.

Rottweilers are unconditionally loyal to their handlers and their families and will defend them and their property to the end. They are protective ...

The Shiba Inu has an alert noble look on whatever he gazes upon. This lends him an air of dignity and beauty. He is good natured, intelligent and rather curious about everything around him

Siberian Huskies are known for their good temperament, their suitability in a family environment. Huskies are friendly and gentle, but also alert and outgoing.

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is an intelligent and active little dog, which gets on well with children and adults alike.

The Yorkshire Terrier is a small dog with a big attitude. This is a dog that will one minute happily snuggle on grandma’s knee, delicately eating digestives and the next minute leap through the air and tear after the neighbour’s Rottweiler,

The Whippet is a gentle, patient, tolerant and affectionate dog. Although they are competitive when racing, they are adaptable and quiet dogs.