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American Bull dogs

American Bull dogs are quite short dogs with long legs and a coat of short hair. They are agile and swift, often more so than their original English counterpart. They are very sturdy dogs and hardy as well, working in the most extreme of conditions available in the US.

Their coats are normally block white with patches of brown and beige, or even red and black, although a fawn colour is often preferable.

Traditionally American Bull dogs often had their ears clipped, however this practice has largely been stopped and the vast majority of American Bull dogs have large soft ears that hang to the side of their muzzles.

Aggressiveness of the American Bulldog

American Bull dogs should not be overly aggressive towards animals or man, and especially not towards other dogs. American Bull dogs have received a lot of bad press recently with several attacks from dogs upon humans, in at least one case resulting in death. How ever this is not typical of American Bull dogs, but one should be wary around small children.

American Bull dogs are brave and determined, and have been known to fight wild dogs, wolves and even fire to protect their owners. It is for these reason that American Bull dogs are treasured in the hearts of Americans.

The American Bulldog - Health problems

American Bull dogs like many others often suffer from hip Dysplasia towards the end of their life. Surprisingly American Bull dogs will be happy living in an apartment as long as they are exercised twice a day, and American Bull dogs are actually relatively inactive when indoors.

American Bull dogs live up to around 16 years and normally weigh around 40 kilograms when fully grown. American Bull dogs rarely need grooming, and they donít shed much hair in the summer months either.