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Golden Retriever Pictures

Golden retrievers are well known for being great family pets. This breed above all others is known to be friendly and gentle with children. If you’re looking for a dog that will fit in as a part of your family, and want a medium to large sized dog, you should definitely be looking at golden retriever puppies.

Golden retrievers are known to be gentle around children, and are also highly intelligent and obedient dogs, similar to a German shepherd. Golden retrievers are more commonly thought of as family pets, however, due to the fact that they are not used as guard dogs or police dogs – so they don’t give the impression that they might be potentially dangerous.

Golden retrievers were originally bred to be hunting dogs. They’re supposed to have very soft mouths – thus, they’re able to carry birds back to the hunter without harming the bird. This is where the name “retriever” came from, actually. This is also why the lab is named the “Labrador retriever,” as well.

Like most larger dogs, if you are thinking about getting a golden retriever, you should make sure that there will be plenty of room for the dog to run around in. Also, you should be aware that the golden retriever will shed a lot due to the fact that it has a rather long coat. Shedding is generally the worst through the spring and summer months as the dog will be losing his or her winter coat in order too keep cooler during the warm part of year.

You should also make sure that you get your golden retriever dog from a reputable breeder if you’re not getting a dog from the humane society. The reason for this is that golden retrievers, like most popular dog breeds, are occasionally bred in large puppy farms. Since these puppy farms generally breed unhealthy pups in order to make a quick profit, you should make sure that you’re not supporting that part of the industry. A reputable breeder will have healthy golden retriever puppies living in a healthy location.

That also doesn't mean you shouldn't get good pet insurance cover for your Golden Retriever as some do get hip dysplasia, and being a pure breed are more likely to suffer from general ailments than a cross breed of dog.

The Golden Retriever is a gentle dog with intelligence and a level disposition and because of this is an ideal dog to have as part of the family. They adore children and love to be involved in all family matters, whether indoors or outdoors. They are foremost a retriever and are therefore very orally fixated. Golden Retrievers will attempt to drag, pull or carry anything they can fit into their mouths. They also love water and care should be taken to ensure their safety when any form of water is nearby. Golden Retrievers are however worriers and great care should be taken during training, ensuring sensitivity is maintained at all times.

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