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Chihuahuas: Chihuahua Breed Info

Chihuahua dogs are famous for their small bodies and oversized heads with comical ears and heart melting eyes. They are normally covered in a dense thick air which does not grow very long, although there are long hair varieties.

They have a long body then their height and a long curved tail that normally goes up or to the side. They are stronger and more hardy than they look and have square shoulders and straight legs.

Chihuahuas make great companion dogs

Chihuahua Dogs are often used for companionship and are predominantly seen in cities and urban areas rather than the country side.

They make excellent town dogs as they need little space to live, sleep and exercise, fitting in neatly to the modern working life of their owner.

Chihuahua dogs are strong willed and rarely frightened..

..They will fight for their families and in defence of their loved ones. They are often aggressive towards other dogs but this can be stopped by training your dog from a puppy along side other dogs, obedience classes are ideal for this.

Chihuahua dogs grow to be only 9 inches tall, and normally weight about 3 pounds, as well as living to be about 15 years old. Chihuahua dogs hate the cold and always prefer to be in the warm and near other people.

Origin of the Chihuahua

Chihuahua dogs originally came from the Mexico region of South America and is named after a Mexican state, it was also the sacred dog of a tribe of Mexican natives.

Common Chihuahua Health Problems

They do have some genetic health problems however, due to their very short nose they often snore, and quite noisily too. Chihuahua dogs have prominent eyes and this can be an issue too as they are susceptible to Corneal dryness.

Being such a small dog they are also prone to broken bones and fractures and although normally alert it is easy for people not to notice them and stand on them.