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Pug Dogs

Pug Dogs are a small toy dog, with square shoulders, short body and a characteristic wrinkle covered face. Pug dogs have a coat of short, velvet like hair that comes in a variety of colours including black, fawn and beige.


Pug dogs have dark inset eyes that are often said to look like flowers and are set very close to their large black nose. Pug dogs have a curled tail that is rolled over onto their back, although it is sometimes to the side, or even double curled.

Pug Puppies

Pug dogs are quite a handful for new buyers or those living in small apartments or who want to keep them as house dogs, their size is not an indicator of the havoc that Pug dogs can cause.

Of course they’re not all bad, and are known for their loyalty and love given to their owner, for this reason many people use Pug dogs as companion dogs.

Pugs compared to other Toy Dogs

For a toy dog they are surprisingly quiet, and it takes a lot to get a Pug dog barking, although they are excellent watch dogs with an inbuilt sense of what’s right and wrong in a house.

Pug dogs may fight with other dogs they meet on walks or in the local neighbourhood, although this can be curbed by firm training and socialization when they’re young.

Pug Illnesses

Pug dogs unfortunately are prone to many illnesses, like many other dogs they often catch colds and very hot or very cold temperatures can cause them distress and serious breathing problems.

They are also prone to allergies including grass allergies, similar to Bulldogs. Pug dogs have eye problems, often with the cornea, as well as respiratory problems, and Pug dogs have a tendency to wheeze and snore loudly at night. Pug dogs normally live to be 12 or 13, and normally weigh 8 kilograms.

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