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About Bulldogs

Bulldogs are actually quite small dogs, known for their hardiness and strong and sturdy stature, although the modern bulldog has changed somewhat. With a large and wide head, on which the dense skin collects and folds over.

Bulldog Breed Description

It has a short muzzle and a large nose with large cheeks hanging on both sides. Bulldogs have a short but dense coat which can come in many colours although traditionally white is the base colour. They have short stocky legs although these can be quite powerful, if underused in some cases.

Many people find the look of a Bulldog intimidating however this could not be further from the truth.

On the other hand Bulldogs are famed for their ability to scare away burglars and intruders. Bulldogs are in general very gentle and calm dogs, especially when around young children.

Bulldogs have a great sense of humour!

Bulldogs are not generally hostile creatures and very rarely attack, this makes them excellent watch dogs, able to raise the alarm but won’t attack in case they’re friends or relatives.

How ever Bulldogs have a lot of potential to inflict a vicious attack, and because of this they must be firmly trained from a very young age.

Bulldog - Socialisation

Bulldogs need to be heavily socialized, and introduced to people including strangers from birth. If possible they should be frequently walked in places where there are lots of pedestrians to acclimatize themselves to stranger in close proximity.

Longevity of the Bulldog

Bulldogs are surprisingly healthy dogs with only one common affliction, that of hip Dysplasia, although this is common in many dogs.

Bulldogs can live up to 16 years, although the American bull dog has a longer life expectancy than that of the British variety. Bull dogs should weigh around 40 kilograms, and stand about 60 centimeters off the ground.