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Dog Leashes | Dog Leads Guide

There are many types of leashes & dog leads available. While it might work perfectly well for you to buy one of the standard dog leads, many people find that itís easier to keep up with their dog if they buy a different type of leash entirely.


For instance, there are several different types of dog leads and leashes that can let you walk more than one dog at a time, or to walk one dog easier.

Dog Leads & Leashes Vs. Dog Harnesses

Many people find that itís easier to keep track of their dog if they use dog leads that come with harnesses. Generally, these dog harnesses also seem to be better for the dog because instead of focusing all of the force from the leash on the dogís neck, the harness allows the force from the leash to be divided along the rest of the dogís body.

Retractable Dog Leads

Retractable dog leads are also very popular, and theyíre great if you want to let your dog roam a bit. These are the best dog leashes/leads for people who plan to take their dog to the park, but donít want to have to follow the dog everywhere it goes. This way, you can let your dog roam a bit, while still making sure that you have enough control to make sure that it doesnít get into any trouble.

Spoilt for Choice with Dog Leads

There are also several different types, for example, chain leads, or leather ones. These donít really differ much as far as how theyíre used, but there is a difference between the different materials. For example, the chain ones will be more sturdy and durable than the other types of leads.