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Dog Insurance

Thinking of getting dog insurance for your new dog or puppy? Dog insurance really is affordable these days especially with so many pet cover companies and places like M&S, more than, and now the RSPCA being happy to insure your pet for a paltry 10-20 a month. The thing about dog insurance to think about is the peace of mind you'll get from knowing if anything happens to your dog it will be insured for any medication, operations or healthcare it may well need, and you really can't put a price to it.

Pet Insurance policies that act as indemnity insurance are the best dog insurance cheap dog insurancepolicies around today. You can get insurance for your dog or a quote from the dog insurance companies below They are close to car or homeowners insurance, these policies will restore financial loss, within the limits described in the dog insurance policy, in the case of an unforeseen event.

Having dog health insurance will help...

... with the costs of large veterinary care in case of an accident or illness. The cost of the dog insurance is well worth the investment in an unforeseen accident. The dog insurance will help you where you do not have to skimp on your dogs care. You will know that your dog is receiving the best possible care at a minimal cost.

insurance cover for dogsYour veterinarian may be able to recommend the best dog insurance available to you - but some vets really don't have a clue. You will want to get the best policy with a reputable company that knows about pet care and the expense of caring for your dog -and one that caters to your specific situation and caters to your dog, especially if it is a rare breed. You will know that your dog is protected in case of any illness or unforeseen accident. In short, dog insurance is vital for your dog.

How does dog insurance work?

Usually you file a Dog Insurance claim just like you would file a claim with your own doctor. There are several different companies available that have dog insurance coverage and some that allow you to choose your own veterinarian.

Dog Insurance Facts

Dog Insurance Providers:

Dog insurance you can't ignore - Here's a good quality option to insure your pet dog that you might want to consider, the insurance they supply provide different levels of cover .. obviously the more cover you're after the more you pay to insure your dog - make sure you check the amount you have to pay if your dog falls ill (Ex: in some cases it's around 50 then the insurance company pays the rest up to a certain amount - but it varies), the amount you pay to insure your pet dog also depends on where you live (postal code), and also the age and breed of dog you have.

Beware: Note on Dog insurance (taken from one of my forums):

We recieved a very sad email from one of our members this evening and they asked us to share some advice that they discovered tonight with the whole forum.

Below is a portion of the mail they sent.

I took Our Neo to the vets today for a surgical biopsy.The reason for this was that I found a large lump in his lymph gland in the throat and his lip has swollen. The vet thinks that it has spread to his other lymph glands -lymphoma- cancer basically. 
We have to wait till thursday for the results but I am braced for the worst. This has just cost me £500+ and is set to rocket.

The reason for the high cost is because the vet wont accept the dog insurance as the company they are with are known apparently in the vetinary world for not paying up as the policy has many exclusions hidden in the small print. The company is E&L Pet Insurance.

Pet Plan seems to be the only insurers vets will deal with so it might be in your interests to check and double check your policy.

Your current company might be ok with the general run of the mill ailments but when it comes to the serious stuff they might just be next to useless!

A friend I work with had a very similar experience with his poor little staffie that very sadly passed away and it turned out the dog insurance was not worth the paper it was written on!


Hi, would just like to add on the dog insurance topic

I had to have my wonderful bullmastiff bitch 'Lexi' put to sleep in march as there was 'no more' could be done for her. She had something wrong with her liver back in january last year, she fought like a trooper after being sent to specialist etc. The cost of this was almost £2,500 and we insured her with E&L who did actualy pay but not without a huge fight which took months. However in febuary this year it came back and spread to her lungs, we had her cremated in march this year just before her 3rd birthday and have only just recieved the fees for that claim. Loosing your pet is hard enough but when your chasing people for money for medication etc it is shambolic and i was someone who could actualy get the costs back a friend of mine who recomended me to E&L could get nothing back for fees with her rottie.
When you take out a claim the company should be a lot more specific about the things your're insured for. It would save alot of pain and panic.

Needless to say after getting my new bullmastiff puppy 'Bruce' we will not be going anywhere near E&L.

Terrie Stratford

Hi I would just like to add that you've experienced problems with E&L, for as much as my life revolves now around Bullmastiff's now, I have myself and many others I know have had simmilar  problems when i was assocciated with the horse world. They won't pay out!!.
Sending you the very best wishes;



I thought I would tell you about my insurers.  PAWS ( I think they are
underwritten by Jardine Insurance)  We have had our Labrador and our bull mastiff insured with them since we adopted them both from the RSPCA - the lab was 6 months when we got him and the mastiff was 16 weeks.

We have had literally thousands of pounds worth of claims paid over the
years - Muttley the Labrador was 14 when he died a couple of weeks ago. He has had a ruptured cruciate ligament, numerous skin problems, he was attacked by a staffie requiring major surgery and had several fat lumps removed, as well as other operations.  PAWS never, ever queried anything and always paid up. Our first vet used to claim from them direct, although our current vet requires us to pay and submit a claim form, PAWS then pay us. However, this is a vet preference not the insurer.

Tiggy, the Bull Mastiff has also had her share of problems and they have
also always paid up for her too.  Of course there are excesses on the
policies, but they are small and rise only slightly with age.  Both dogs
have been on arthritis medications for at least 5 years and they have always paid for the medication and all other medication that they have needed.

They also do not have age restrictions.  Muttley the Labrador had his last lot of treatment three weeks before he died and they paid for the majority of this.  He was 14.  Tiggy the Mastiff is nearly 12 and they continue to fund her treatment.  If anyone is considering dog insurance, I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Happy for this to be circulated to members if you wish

Kind regards

Hope this help in your quest for reliable and cheap dog insurance.