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The Shar-Pei

Shar-Pei's look adorable as puppies and as adults. The Shar-Pei is a loyal dog (to his family/owner), it has been described as a brave but dominant breed, while being active and playful at the same time. An independant calm dog, the Chinese Shar-Pei is an excellent companion dog and not a bad watchdog too. Experience of dominant breeds is essential.

Shar Pei Info

Common Health problems include hereditary skin problems (not because of the folds and wrinkles - due to poor breeding). Kidney failure. Lifespan of the Shar Pei is around 10 years. A regular brushing will keep the shar pei's coat in good condition, along with baths and grooming.

Height and Weight: 46-51 Cms - Weight: 18-25Kgs

I was walking Molly a few days ago and saw the most adorable 6 month old Shar-Pei. All its folds were too big for it and it kept grunting as it was breathing, but was overall very happy to be on his own as well as part of the group of 3-4 other dogs that were playing. I took a picture of it on my mobile but haven't figured out how to send it via email yet! It had a really big snout and at 6 months was as tall as a small labrador

He was a bit scared to play with Molly which was really funny because she's half his size, and he was towering over her, after a while his confidence grew and he was half-playing with her, but kept running away!

I'm sure we'll see him again and as he grows into a full sized Shar-Pei! :-)