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Pomeranian dogs

Pomeranian dogs are small, furry dogs that are often liked to a small fox or wild animal, although this is not a bad thing. They are characterized by their large dark eyes and their small, point ears that are always pricked.

The Pomeranian 'Look':

They have a distinctive fanned tail that curls upwards over their back, although this can sometime swing to one side or the others or even curl around itself in a coil.

They also have a “mane” not unlike that of a lion, which is large and furry and quite dense. Pomeranian dogs are normally a red or brown colour although there are black and blue varieties.

Pomeranian dogs makes up for their size in their attitude and temperament, and are deceptively lively dogs. They are very intelligent and always want to learn and can become well trained in obeying commands and doing tricks if trained from an early age.

Pomeranians Living with Other Dogs

Pomeranian dogs can also get along with other dogs and household pets if they are introduced to them from an early age; the same is true of children and strangers who visit the house.

Pomeranian dogs are often involved in fights between dogs, and are never afraid to attack much larger dogs that could easily swallow them whole, however this behaviour can be curbed if it is picked up from an early age.

Genetic & Health Problems in Pomeranians

Pomeranian dogs are prone to several genetic diseases, such as slipped stifle, and knee problems, as well as skin, heart and eye problems.

It is best to feed Pomeranian dogs with dry food as this will keep their teeth and gums healthy, as well as being careful around the dog in general.

Pomeranian dogs are good city dogs and are fine without a garden; however like Maltese dogs they should not be let out in very hot or cold conditions. Pomeranian dogs live to around 15 years old, and are very popular in England, since Queen Victoria introduced the in the 19th century.