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Pit Bulls & Pitbulls

Look at pitbull pictures and read about pit bulls...

History of Pit Bulls

Bull and Terrier dogs came the America in the early 1800ís to be used for farm dogs and frontier guardians. In 1898 the United Kennel Club recognized these bull and terrier dogs as the American Pit Bull Terrier.

In 1914, the Pit Bull was used to illustrate American neutrality without fear, the dependable of Levi jeans, and as ďa defender of Old Glory.Ē

Why the Pit Bull has had bad press...

In the early years of this century the pit bull was known as a loyal and
trustworthy family pet. But lately, they are being called vicious, and have been slandered by being called man-killers. Some consider pit bulls guilty without a trial.

Why has this occurred?

Just a few pit bull breeders have changed the images of this good natured dog. Breeders that still indulge in dog fighting or promote the aggressive behavior in the pit bull for illegal purposes have caused the slander of all pit bulls.

Because these dogs can be trained to guard and protect, they are famous for drug dealers who use them to guard their drug supplies and money. The pit bull has been used in such illegal activities that they have gotten a bad rap overall. The breeders that still use the pit bull for illegal purposes have not preserved the dogís strong instinct to bond with his masters whom the early breeders did, this has caused the dog to become more aggressive.

Because of these types of breeders when the name "pit bull" is mentioned a fear is seen in many. Most people can visualize a big pit bull jaws locking down on a personís throat!!

Do you own a Pit Bull Terrier? If so, we'd love to put their picture up here on this page so people get to know what they look like! Simply click to email us

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