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Newfoundland Dog Breed

Newfoundland dogs are one of the ‘gentle giants’ of the dog world. This is a large breed that was originally bred in Newfoundland to be a water dog. However, while it is intended to be a water dog, unlike labs or other water dogs, Newfoundland dogs are big enough to be used as all around working dogs. For example, some Newfoundlands are used to carry burdens or pull carts.

Thinking of Getting A Newfoundland Dog?

If you’re thinking that Newfoundland dogs are right for you, it’s important that you first read up on the breed and what taking care of one of these dogs entails. For instance, it’s important to realize that even though Newfoundland dogs and puppies appear to be generally calm dogs, they are a very large breed and will need lots of exercise consistently. These are definitely not apartment dogs, in fact, it’s recommended that you only buy one if you have lots of room in your yard for the dog to run.

The most well known color among Newfoundland dogs is black, but they actually come in several colors, from black, to brown, gray, and even a mix of white and black. While these are all the standard accepted colors for Newfoundland dogs, it’s always possible to find Newfoundland puppies with different colorings.

Newfoundland dogs are great if you’re looking for a large, well-tempered dog. Newfoundlands are usually very calm and relaxed dogs, and tend to be very friendly. These dogs will also be protective of your home and family if you’re looking for a dog that will defend you – though Newfoundland dogs rarely have to do anything more than look at a potential threat since they’re so large.

Newfies are BIG Dogs!

There are a few other things you should consider before deciding to buy one of these dogs. Newfoundland dogs, like most large breeds, tend to drool a bit (they’re similar to a St. Bernard in this respect). Also, Newfoundland dogs have a lot of fur and will shed heavily during the spring and summer months. If you don’t want a dog that sheds, you probably shouldn’t get a Newfoundland.

Overall, however, you’ll find that Newfoundland dogs are friendly and make very good pets.

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