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Maltese Dogs

Maltese dogs were bred originally to be companion dogs for the rich and famous or those who just needed some company in their life.

They are characterised by their long, sleek white hair that stretches from their back right to the ground, often with a parting straight down the middle of their backs.

Maltese dogs are also known for their oversized soft ears and dark eyes that sit in the centre of the head.

Maltese Temperament

Maltese dogs are known for their excellent temperament, and are surprisingly lively and playful, and will never turn down some exercise.

They are also renowned for their intelligence and Maltese dogs can be easily trained from a young age to perform tricks and stunts, or just to obey commands.

Maltese dogs were companion dogs, but this dog will also be your own intruder alarm. They’re known for their incessant barking should they become suspicious of a stranger although this can be a problem sometimes.

Maltese Dog Health Care

Like many dogs Maltese dogs have a love of water, and a tendency to jump and splash in puddles much like a small child, of course after these a good wash must follow.

Maltese dogs can be very picky eaters and may turn their nose up at some tinned foods, however it’s important to keep them well fed, and also take them to the vets regularly to check their teeth which is a problem area for many Maltese dogs.

Maltese dogs do have some common health problems, a major one is sunburn, unusual for a dog covered in hair, but it does develop where their hair parts on the centre of their back.

They often have indigestion and a weak stomach, and they should never be exposed to extreme weather, either hot or cold, both of which make the dog suffer.

Maltese Dogs Live a relatively long time!

Maltese dogs are excellent city dogs and will do well in an apartment without a garden as long as they are regularly exercised. Maltese dogs normally live to be around 15 yrs, although sometimes up to 18 years, and should also be groomed regularly.