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Jack Russell Terrier Dog Info!

The Jack Russell Terrier was used in the south of England in the 1800s to work in European red fox hunts. This terrier was named for the Reverend John Russell because his terriers followed the hounds and caused the foxes to bolt from their dens so the hunt could continue.

The Jack Russell Terrier is a medium sized dog alert and confident in statue.


What does a Jack Russell Terrier look like?

Above Bobby - His story "Someone abandoned Bobby and it took the dog catcher some weeks to catch him. When we got him from the kennels he was a little ball of fury he had been badly beaten and hated everyone.  He bit the entire family growled when you went near him and scared us all to death.  Three years on he is a much loved spoiled but still tough little character he loves to be cuddled and I love to cuddle him, after all he has been through he deserves to be a little spoiled.  The vet still wont examine him without us giving a little dog sedative.   We think he is around 4 or 5 years old. Cute isn't he."

Measured from the withers both male and female range between 12 and 14 and the Jack Russell Terrier should weigh between 13 and 17 pounds. He has strength and endurance.

His eyes are almond shaped and dark in color. He has button ears shaped in a small V. He has a black nose and a squirrel like tail.

The Jack Russell Terrier has a coarse and weatherproof coat, smooth and double-coated. Their coats are white with black or tan markings or can be a combination of these.

What type of temperament does the Jack Russell Terrier have?

He is a clever, athletic, active and friendly. He is great as a game hunter, being observant and courageous. He is also wonderful as a playmate, being very affectionate, and playful.

The Jack Russell Terrier would be a great choice for anyone seeking a loving and playful; yet active dog as their new pet.

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Do you own a Jack Russell Terrier? If so, we'd love to put their picture up here on this page so people get to know what they look like! Simply click to email them to us!

Keva below, 7 week old Jack Russell Terrier puppy:

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