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The Dogue de Bordeaux

The Dogue de Bordeaux has has a congenial nature along with a relentless strength, and an abundance of patience. He can be stubborn at times but once the DDB learns a behavior it never forgets.

Socialising the Dogue de Bordeaux

His size can be inclined to intimidate, thus making him an excellent Guardian of Home and Family. Socialization early in life is extremely important. Ample amounts of both human and canine attention and interaction during critical phases of their personality and behavioral development is necessary. Depriving a DDB of this interaction can create fears in the animal later in life, when it is confronted by either lifeform. This fear can lead to can lead the dog to be a fear bitter or attacker, and with the DDB's considerable size this would not be a good thing.

If the Dogue de Bordeaux is raised around other animals it usually adapts well to them there is always the chance that the a dog may turn and attack other dogs, animals or people. The DDB is very patient and tolerant of children more so then most breeds but it is a mistake to fully trust any dog regardless of its size, breed, age, sex or normal temperament. A responsible person should never leave any dog and a child unattended. Careful observation of a dogs behavior around children is of vital importance. A dog that displays aggression towards children should never be trusted around children again.

Gentle Giants: Dogue de Bordeaux

The Dogue de Bordeaux is gentle, obedient and patient with a tremendous amount of affection and loyalty to his master and has trainability similar to German Shepherd. They are devoted to their friends and family. They make an excellent family dog and should be viewed as a permanent member of the family as they will soon become one. The DDB is not generally hyperactive but as pups and young adults they are full of energy. The adult may seem lethargic but don't be fooled by the size, they are quick on their feet. They make a lot of noise breathing and are not endless runners. They are a quiet and subdued animal. They have a high energy threshold although they do not display it on a twenty four hour basis, making them easier to live with than many dogs a fraction of their size. In Europe they are commonly kept in apartments.

Adaptation of the Dogue de Bordeaux or DDB

The Dogue adapts to its master's temperament as well. If the family is outgoing the dogue will be too. The same is true if the family is shy. The DDB is very sensitive to people's moods and events. They notice when change is coming or if there is stress in the family. Typically friends of the family may question the Dogue's ability as a guardian in response to his congenial nature. In contrast to its congeniality towards friends, this is amongst the world's most determined of guardian dogs. Often described as the ultimate intruder's nightmare". Intruder's to the home that contains a DDB will undoubtedly encounter a package of size, strength and fiercely protective nature that is unexcelled in the world of dogs.

The Dogue de Bordeaux has a keen sense of smell and hearing and are very intelligent and balanced. When bored it will be mischievous. Safe toys to chew on are recommended instead of your furniture. They are a product of their environment. If you force it to fight, it will fight. If you abuse it, it will be shy aggressive. If you kick it, it will fear shoes. They are stubborn and arrogant yet once they learn a command they rarely forget it. They will respect you but only if you give them the respect they deserve.


Marcia Murray-Stoof

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