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Boston Terrier

Interesting Facts

The Boston Terrier was developed in Boston MA. The American Kennel Club recognized the Boston Terrier in 1893. He is sometimes called “the American gentleman among dogs.”

You think you would like to own a Boston Terrier?

Grooming a Boston Terrier is easy; he has a smooth, short coat that only needs a few strokes with a soft brush. Boston Terrier’s have a deep love for his family and are great with children. He is a sensitive, bright, fun and loving.

If you have other pets in the home, he will more than likely do well with them as long as he is introduced to them at a young age.

What does a Boston Terrier look like?

The Boston Terrier has a short stocky build, with a short tail. He can be brindle, seal or black in color.

The Boston Terrier has an air of alertness and love. He shows to have a high degree of intelligence. His eyes are set wide apart, round, large, and dark in color.

His muzzle is short and square with no wrinkles. The Boston Terrier has a black nose with well defined lined between his nostrils. The Boston Terrier’s coat is smooth, short, and the texture is fine.

The Boston Terrier can be brindle in color which appears to be black with a red cast when viewed in bright light. The white markings are seen on each color of Boston Terrier’s. The white markings are muzzle band, a white blaze between his eyes and a white forechest.

What kind of temperament does a Boston Terrier have?

He is a very friendly and active dog. He has a wonderful disposition and a high degree of intelligence. He also loves children and is a loyal companion.

If you are wanting a medium size dog full of love and affection with very little grooming, then you have found your new friend in the Boston Terrier. Obviously the smart thing to do next is to contact Boston Terier owners and rescue organisations so you can really find out what they're like as a family addition - i say owners and rescues because they haven't got any profits in mind and will tell you honestly the facts you need to know!

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How to have the happiest, healthiest most well behaved boston terrier...