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Border Terrier Breed Information

Border Terriers are small like most terrier breeds, they come with a short double coat which looks wiry and coarse.

Border Terrier common colours are tan, tan and grizzle, and red. Borders' eyes are almond to dark with a relatively short muzzle and always a black nose. Its small ears fold into a triangular shape and sit next to the eyes.

Border Terrier Temperament

Generally non-aggressive towards strangers, Border Terriers are not overly protective but they will bark. They are a breed which is always alert at the same time as being pretty laid back. As with any breed, they will need training, but the Border Terrier is keen to please its family. Not advisable to own small animals with border terriers such as gunea pigs, rabbits, birds, etc. Cats are usually ok with border terriers if brought up from a very young age.

Border Terrier Size and Weight

Height Dogs: 33-41cms Weight Dogs: 6-7kgs

Height Bitches: 28-36cms Weight Bitches: 5-6kgs