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Australian Cattle Dogs

Australian Cattle Dogs are also known as Australian Heelers, and are sturdy, working dogs. They’re compact and strong as well as being famous for their agility and skill; they have a long body and a curved tail.

History of the Australian Cattle Dog

Originally they were used for herding in the Australian Outback, and are very intelligent dogs that are easily bored by a backyard lifestyle.

Australian Cattle Dogs are very loyal and proactive, they’re always on the look out and would make excellent guard dogs.

Australian Dog Temperament:

Australian Cattle Dogs can be very aggressive and require firm training from the start, if you intend to keep them as a pet and not a working dog then it is probably best to avoid pups from working dogs as they may be a bit of a handful.

Health Problems associated with Cattle Dogs..

Australian Cattle Dogs have very few genetic health problems apart from Dysplasia, which is common in almost all dogs, and they have a tendency to become death in their old age.

Australian Cattle Dogs require exercise and space, keeping them in an apartment or a house with only a small yard would be cruel to the dog.

They have boundless energy and stamina and will take any exercise you offer it, Australian Cattle Dogs should really be walked at least twice a day.